Un nuevo concepto de viviendas

Casa U

CASA U by LAND is a new concept of branded apartments that stand out for their renovated style with hotel services, co-living and co-working spaces, generating new experiences in the way of inhabiting them by offering an innovative way of life in terms of shared spaces. This style implies valuing both interior comfort and the facilities provided by a privileged urban location, as they are located in select areas of the prosperous city of Montevideo and each one will have its own identity according to its geolocation within the city.

Under the name denomination U_SUR and located in the Arts District, the privileged space of bookstores, theaters, and urban educational centers of Uruguay, specifically on Canelones street 900, the commercialization of the first project of the CASA U chain is launched. In addition to the services, it will have a prominent Bar & Resto on the Ground Floor.

Soon, the U_CARRETAS and U_POCITOS developments will be presented.

Other developments

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